Hi, my name is Elias. Nice to meet you. I create stuff for a living. And well... I am also a Software Engineer, I previously worked at Huawei Ireland Research Center and more specifically at the Cloud Reliability R&D lab, building the foundations of Huawei Cloud. I was mainly focused on observability infrastructure.

I also worked on projects like Redshift (Amazon AWS) and financial systems (Stripe, Cielo, Banco Original, Banco Votorantim).

I really love to work with Rust. My favourite domains are: Databases and Distributed Systems.

You can check some of the things I build on Github.

Before I forget! I do live coding sessions in Portuguese at twitch and I keep an Instagram page about Computer Science and lifestyle in Portuguese as well.

If you are curious about my current location, I am living in Japan. Virtually, I'm at Linkedin and Twitter as well.

If you like anything I build, consider supporting me on Patreon.

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